Thursday, December 4, 2014

Phase Two: X-ray Exhibit

Day 44

  Deep down inside, I wanted to be an exceptional patient.  One that would heal faster than the norm.  I knew with these expectations, I was setting myself up for disappointment. Pressure was alleviated when I realized being on schedule was the best thing I could be. 
  My fiberglass cast was removed yesterday.  It was such an odd feeling.  My leg felt so light and I wasn't sure how to maneuver myself off the hospital bed over to the x-ray module. After 6 weeks of being totally dedicated to a non-weight bearing lifestyle with a cast up to my knee, I would now transition to an aircast. I was now allowed put pressure on my foot and perhaps be able to carry a cup of coffee from the counter to the couch. And oh, the shower! No more giant plastic bag over my leg.  I felt like belting out "A Whole New World" from the Aladdin in the plaster room for all to hear, but I didn't.

The scar is healing nicely

  Dr. Brunet explained that I needed to wake-up my bones and muscles. I could start standing or walking for 5-15 minutes per hour and I'm not allowed to bank that time. I had to massage the skin about one inch around the scar and continue with my toe exercises as much as possible.  He expects that in two weeks, I will spend half my time in the air cast and the rest in a men's shoe. Since their toe boxes are wider, it would be my best option for comfort for a few weeks. Jealous?
  I had some x-rays taken for the first time since the surgery. The pins are a permanent fixture.

Three different angles - 6 weeks post
Before and After

  One of the first things I did when I got home was soak my foot in the bathtub. It was amazing to see how many layers of dead skin had built up.  Apparently, my foot looked really good in that regard.  I've noticed that my skin has been re-positioned a little bit. I don't have any padding on the bottom of my foot near the big toe, so it feels very weird to touch it to the ground without a cast.  I'm still numb to touch in a few places but it will take some time for the nerves to grow back.

Nasty, I know!

My crutches will be used less once I build some muscle again.

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