Friday, July 15, 2016

Blades less Bunions

9 months post-op

   I had a moment today when I put my roller-blades on for the first time in many years. This used to be my favourite thing to do but had to give it up because it became so uncomfortable. Today, I truly feel a triumph in my journey and riding these wheels never felt so good.

   My family doctor had trouble referring me to an orthopedic surgeon for guidance so we decided that it was best that I seek out a Chiropodist for advice which is covered under my benefit plan.

Here are my concerns:
1) My big toe is stiff and has lost some range of motion consequently,
2) My third toe is taking on extra force creating shooting pains when I walk, mostly without shoes on.
3) My plantar fasciitis is re-manifesting - it took me two years to get over this the first time!

I was advised to:

1) Continue my toe crunch exercises - I've been lax on these.
2) Get more stable shoes because I over-pronate (flat foot)  - my shoe should not twist like this.

A twistable shoe is a big no no for over-pronators!

3) Get orthotics to even out weight distribution and prevent over-pronating.

So this is my plan and I feel once my third toe pain is gone, I will be 100% happy with my outcome.

   During my visit with my family MD, he gave me a copy of my OR report. GOLD!  Here is a great website that will break down the medical terms:


  1. Hi, I've been following your progress and appreciate your blog. Can you describe your toe crunches? Thanks! And good look getting rid of the toe pain.

  2. Hi Sheilan, I didn't notice your comment until today. Try to grip a towel with your toes, simple but effective! I'm working on my epilogue right now, reviewing my old posts, when I saw your comment...