Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weighing In

Day 49

  My scale has been taunting me since I had my cast removed last Tuesday.  "Come on, just step on me," it teased.  I went into this surgery in the best shape of my life.  Not body builder or fitness model shape but a respectable 25-30 lbs lighter than I have been in the past 10 years.  Of course, the possible weight gain from resting and recovering terrified me. Did I really want to know how much I weighed?  I tried to be comfortable with a 5-10 lb gain but how would I feel in reality? My body didn't feel the same anymore and my legs looked like a Jello explosion! I definitely could have eaten better than I did.  To avoid feeling defeated, I kept telling myself that weight gain was to be expected and that I had a challenge ahead of me. So, with hesitation, I stepped on the scale.......

  My mouth dropped! I was 2 lbs under my average and 2 lbs over my lightest weight. Basically, no gain! I couldn't believe it. I weighed myself three times just to make sure.  At that moment, I felt relieved and grateful. Phewf! What load off my shoulders!

My theories on this miracle are:

1) My metabolism is still high so I'm still burning more calories as if I'm doing a vigorous workout? 

2) I have developed good eating habits and therefore without realizing it, ate healthier smaller portions than I did when I was heavier?
3) I lost muscle and gained fat (no question mark needed).
4) I worked out almost everyday.  It's actually a really tough routine and takes about an hour and a half to complete. See my semi-weight bearing workout.

  My triumph today was completing push-ups with both feet on the ground. My toe flexibility has improved tremendously which I 100% attribute to my workouts. Pointing, flexing and stretching are foot movements that are automatic with my routine.  To celebrate, I gave myself a pedicure. It's true ladies,  I only need to use one toe separator.  Never thought of that perk!

  As for my mobility, I walk with my air-cast and crutches are no longer needed.  If I use the air-cast for over 15 minutes in an hour, I pay for it.  Now that I can carry things, there's just so much stuff to do around here!  The bottom of my foot is still swollen so when I have my foot flat, my big toe doesn't touch the ground. 

Looks pretty good, don't you think?
One week until my next post-op, I better start shoe shopping!

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