Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Two Weeks Post-op: My second foot unveiling

Day 14

My second foot unveiling was this morning.  I had a dream last night that I was walking on my cast. In reality, I was hoping that I was a marvelous bionic healer and Dr. Brunet would put me in a walking cast today.  No such luck!  I'm healing well but there is still lots of edema that needs to subside.

I was instructed more than once, to keep my leg elevated as much as possible to prevent scarring and prolonged healing. Okay, so maybe my Costco run yesterday wasn't the best idea but it was nice to get out of the house with my Mom.  Besides, I bought a mountain of garbage bags and rode the electric wheelchair with authority. 

NB: I've transitioned from pyjama pants to jeans when out in public.

I thought was going to be late for my appointment this morning, so my Mom dropped me off at hospital's main entrance.  I opted not to take a wheelchair and stick to my crutches.  Boy, can I ever pick up speed with those things.  I was Sasha Fierce, there was no stopping me and people were sure to move out of the way.  I made up some time, got some cardio and presented myself to the reception desk slightly out of breath.  "Sorry, I'm late," I said.  "You're good, only two minutes over, no big deal," replied the receptionist.  Her response made me feel much better about my tardiness.

I was nervous to see my foot again.  At week one, I was so shocked to see how swollen my foot looked and today, I was afraid I wouldn't notice much change.

Removing the cast

Snipping the bandages

Removing the gauze

There she be!

I could tell the edema had decreased significantly.

Do you think I'm ready to be a foot model?

Toe exercise

Removing the ends of the stitches since they are dissolvable.
Applying the fiberglass cast. It's warm going on so it feels really good. 
 Fiberglass is sharp, so a tensor bandage is applied over top.

Dr. Brunet was happy with my progress.  He instructed me to practice toe exercises twice a day and cautioned that it should be uncomfortable.  My next post-op visit is at 4 weeks.  X-rays aren't taken until week 5.

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