Wednesday, November 26, 2014

6 More Sleeps

Day 36

  The count down is on!  Not much has changed with my foot since my last post.  I'm still in my non-weight bearing cast and counting down until next Tuesday when I can walk and let my leg breath.
  I would like to sidetrack for a paragraph from my bunion themed blog to talk about my Mom and the gift she received almost one week ago:
  My Mom received a kidney transplant after over five long years of wait.  She has polycystic kidney disease and over the last several years, my family has watched her battle against her dying kidneys.  It took a lot of courage not to loose hope that one day, she would find a matching donor.  You see, my Mom is a difficult match.  Her high anti-bodies combined with her less common blood and tissue type made it difficult to receive organ donation.  Last June, she was placed on a special list for people with hard-to-match requirements.  Finally, our wish came true and she is likely being released from the hospital tomorrow.  She will now start a new challenge and hopefully get her quality of life back. My family has deep gratitude to the organ donor.  The donor was deceased and the kidney came from Windsor, Ontario.  That person saved my Mom's life and no words can describe how grateful we are.  Please sign your donor card or give blood; you could save a life!

Back to my foot:

  My foot looks like it's disintegrating.  Without the exfoliation effects from wearing a sock or shoes, it's drying up. There is nothing much I can do about this until my cast comes off.

  I bought a Tilt-a-Table from Canadian Tire last week for $13.99 on sale.  It is fabulous! I highly recommend this product for everyone. It's light weight, portable and useful for meals and my laptop.

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