Monday, November 16, 2015

Shaved Leg, Tapered Pants and Physiotherapy

Day 26

  I took it upon myself to schedule a four week post-op, only one week after my previous appointment. Since I stayed in town at my parents' house and live two hours away, I wanted the opportunity to clean my foot and get a fresh cast to last me until my next post-op in two weeks. I arrived with my emery board and moisturizer ready for a quick pedi. I was mildly concerned that I was unable to bend my big toe since the K-wire was removed the previous week. To my surprise, Dr. Brunet decided to remove my cast two weeks earlier than I expected. Not because I am a super human healer, but I needed physiotherapy for 1st metatarsal-phalangeal weakness. I was instructed to continue with absolutely no weight-bearing and wear my fracture boot for support.  "I recommend that you start physio to get that joint moving again," Dr. Brunet explained, "I don't think you're an unreasonable person, so I will take you out of your cast with the condition of no standing or walking. Your X-rays in two weeks will really tell me if you can bear weight at that time." Not an unreasonable person? I'm pretty sure he's read parts of this blog. 
  Is this good news or bad news? My first thoughts were that I could wear my tapered pajama pants and shave my leg. Beyond that, I was optimistic that this was a common complication and with time and effort, will eventually resolve. No two feet are the same; they won't heal the same and every surgery is different.
   Alexandre, the casting technician, made me a wonderful splint cast to get me home since I did not have my fracture boot with me. Admittedly, I have been wearing it around the house since the fracture boot is heavy and bulky.
  Along with physiotherapy, I was instructed to start ankle movement, toe towel crunching exercises, scar massage and hot and cold therapy. For more information on the latter, visit Contrast Hydrotherapy .
Splint cast

Right foot progression


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