Monday, October 26, 2015

Right Foot Revealed: Not for a Weak Stomach

Day 7

  I arrived at my one week post-op at the Ottawa General Hospital with questions: Did the surgery go as expected? Was the pin needed to stretch my tendon unusual? Why I'm experiencing more long lasting discomfort than last time?  
  "I suspect you experienced more pain because I put a temporary pin in your big toe," Dr. Brunet explained. "Without the pin, your toe was shooting forward up in the air. I could have cut the tendon but I prefer to stretch it with the pin instead.  Your body is starting to reject it so we could probably take it out in a couple of weeks."  His instructions for my pin extraction (a.k.a. k-wire) were to eat a solid lunch beforehand and take a pain killer on route.
  For now, my big toe is immobile. I'm looking forward to the pin being removed so I can move my toe around. It's a very awkward feeling.  Luckily, my steady stream of acetaminophen is helping with the pain management.

The pin is keeping my toe down in order to strech the tendon

She's georgous only to her mother

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