Friday, October 30, 2015

Out with the Wheelchair, In with the Knee Walker

Day 10

  I ditched the wheelchair this time and opted for a brand new mode of transportation: a knee walker. NB: this does not replace your crutches. Compared to my first experience, I'm certainly more active and independent around the house with its help. I am able to carry things, especially items from the kitchen to the living room without the stress of spilling my coffee everywhere.  It even came with a panier (there are certain words that I prefer in French). I ordered it online at The cost was $312.00 including shipping and it arrived in 4 days.  It was quick to assemble and significantly lighter than a wheelchair. My benefits covered 90% of the cost, so be sure you check with your benefit company to verify inclusions for your unique plan. I took it to the mall today to run a quick errand:  it definitely has potential for good speed and on bumpy asphalt, it was surprisingly comfortable. I think I put a smile on strangers faces as I dashed by them. 

Check out this ride - the need for speed!

You can't beat this look!

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