Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Preparing for Round Two

8 Months Post-op

I am very happy with my reconstructed foot. Thank you Dr. Brunet! My foot is essentially pain free. The skin around the scar is still a little sensitive and I have lost some superficial nerve sensory near the scar but this is VERY MINOR and was expected! The pin in my foot is not a problem in terms of rubbing on my shoe ( see my concerns from Day 56) and I definitely do not cause the metal detectors to sound at the airport.

  I'm beginning to mentally prepare myself for round two as my surgery is scheduled for October 21, 2015. Will I recover the same? I often picture how I would be a year from now. Will I be better runner or faster cyclist?  I gave up rollerblading years ago because I no longer fit comfortably in the boot. No more blisters and calluses between my toes from excess rubbing. Most importantly, I look forward to the pattern of my socks looking symmetrical when on my feet.

At the hospital for my right foot consultation. Note the scar on my left is much more faint.
  I recently had a consultation with Dr. Brunet. He verified there was no change to the progression of my right bunion and its severity is not as bad as my left but it will still require the same procedure and recovery.

  I'm looking forward to the end results and I am not hesitant to proceed again.  Now that I know what to expect, I'm looking forward to spending time with my parents, doing modified workouts, watching movies, working on my hobbies, chilling with my cats and welcoming Tim home after the work day.
  The bucket below was in one of the plaster rooms at the hospital.  It's interesting what needs to be labeled these days.

Beware of the bucket

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