Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't let my scar Fool you

5 Months Post-op

  April 1st! Just past my five month milestone.  Improvements are now subtle as I journey away from my surgery date of Oct 22, 2014. To date, my experience has been better than expected. I can run, jump, pivot, climb and fly (wishful thinking). "A new foot and wings please, Dr. Brunet."
  There are still times that I limp after a long day in the OR but it's my bunioned right foot that bothers me most.  I had an incident, last week, where my I closed a door on my left foot which resulted in a bruised nail-bed. It hurt, of course, but self-inflicted pain has been my only hindrance.
  I went for my first pedicure last Monday.  I had been reluctant since the skin around my scar was still sensitive and numb in some spots.  "Surgery!" the pedicurist exclaimed, "I'll be gentle," he added. And on went the gloves and out came the tools. He had no hesitation putting his hands on my foot including my scar and I was getting ready to squirm from distress but I was fine. The only squirming I experienced was when the emery board tickled to bottom of my feet!

The crease beneath my big toe is slowly getting better
  I am actually proud of the scar on my foot.  I know it will always be there. It may not be the prettiest for sandal season, however, will remain a testament from my experience.  I can't wear flip flops or any shoe that requires a strap to go through my first and second toe since the toes on my right foot are so close together that they crunch on the strap. I'm looking forward to having surgery on my right foot so that I feel more balanced, and yes, can wear pretty shoes.  (Not heals though, don't worry Dr. Brunet, I won't wreck our work.) Instinctively, I put more weight on my right foot over my left.  It would be nice to wear bowling shoes without Paul Bunion sticking out and rubbing on the side.  Well, at least he waves!


  1. Hi! I am almost one week post-op after having bunion surgery done on both feet by Dr. Brunet on the 1st. While getting my first bandage change at the General today, the nurse mentioned that one of Dr. Brunet's patients had a blog about her recovery. I'm glad that I was able to find your site!

    I look forward to going through your posts and reading about your your recovery process. Thanks for sharing your experience! Like you, I am eager to get back to an active lifestyle :)

  2. Thanks Laura! I hope it's going well so far with you. Hopefully, my blog will put a smile on your face. Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh wow, talk about a scar! That looks like it must have been pretty painful. Glad you got the surgery and got that taken care of. It's so cool that you have a sense of humor about your bunions. I love the witty name for the blog, and the nickname "Paul Bunion." Best of luck with your continued recovery.

  4. Thanks Freddie! I'm due for an update now that I am 1 year post-op on my right foot. My big toe is lacking range of motion and consequently affecting how I walk, however, there are many things that I am thankful such as good health so my sub-optimal results are minor compared to others shortcomings.