Friday, October 31, 2014

The Misadventures of Michatan: the one-legged workout

Day 10

  When I googled "non weight bearing workouts" there wasn't a lot to choose from for people like me. I'm proof that you can have a good workout, even with a cast on your leg.  I'm not a fitness professional so my routine is not scientific. What I can say is that I sweat so much today that I needed to take a second shower.
  This is my comic strip character Michatan.  She was invented in 2004 by my best friend from college, Carolyn and drew this for me this morning.

By Carolyn Bott, 2014

  This was posted on my Facebook feed yesterday. It's motivating because I've worked very hard over the past 2.5 years to become fit and I don't want being in a cast to stop me from doing what I love to do.  

To view my work-out click here.  Love my eighties weights.

 This is my giant shower bag.  No sponge baths for this girl.  My favourite part of my day is breakfast in bed (thanks Tim for mastering the over-easy egg) and my shower(s).

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