Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PG -13: Parents Strongly Cautioned

Day 7

My new foot was unveiled this morning when they removed my plaster cast.  Don't scroll down, if you don't want to see it; parental guidance is recommended. It was bruised and swollen and frankly looked like it didn't belong to me.  I couldn't look at it for more than a few seconds without feeling emotional.

I asked Dr. Brunet to draw me diagram of his work (see below).  He described the Lapidus procedure which is used to correct moderate to severe bunion deformity.  He cut the bone at the base of my toe, swung it over and put three screws in to hold it in place.  Then he shaved bone on the side of the bunion location (cresentic osteotomy) and shortened and lengthened ligaments (ligament balancing).

footEducation.com is a website by orthopedic surgeons and is a great source for more information.

I'm now in a fiberglass cast which is lighter and more durable.  My stitches will be removed next week.

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