Monday, January 19, 2015

Three months post-op: One Foot Out The Door

Day 89

  I'm about to celebrate my three month milestone and my foot is performing better than I expected.  My cardio intensity and strength training is at approximately 85% . I've jogged several kilometers at a time on the treadmill, added back plyometric training and weight lifting (legs). I struggle with lunges since my range of motion is being tested but have already seen a huge improvement in the last 30 days.  Dr. Brunet told me that I should be at 100% by 6 months post-op. I feel like I may be ahead of the norm since I kept fit during the time when many are sedentary.
  I went shoe shopping for the first time since surgery!  My foot's new figure dropped a size and fit every shoe beautifully. Of course, I still have to accommodate my other foot, so I kept my old numbers and ended up with my reliable friend Nike Pegasus (really a fantastic shoe). 

Still a favourite

  I'm not a big believer in creams, lotions or potions that heal scars but I happened to find some Vitamin E oil hanging around. So, I'm using it...just in case!  No harm done!

I found it in the "lost goods box" in my closet

Applying the oil for good measure

  I haven't used my accessible parking permit much since I stopped using my aircast.  It's still good for a few more days but now that I'm walking and standing without pain, there is no need for it.

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  1. Fantastic Michelle. So proud of you. Luv, Luv those running shoes!